Graphene and Ultrathin 2D Materials

Alongside a colossal enthusiasm for nanomaterials, 2D nanomaterials hold extraordinary guarantee for a wide scope of utilizations in the fields of science, consolidated issue, material science, and designing. These 2D nanomaterials should keep on moving numerous curiosity‐driven disclosures and applications in the fields of supercapacitors, batteries, sensors, catalysis, and electromagnetic impedance (EMI) protecting. As of late, 2D nanomaterials are risen as the most encouraging materials for applications in EMI protecting. Up until now, few 2D nanomaterials including graphene, change metal carbides, and molybdenum disulfide are tried for application in EMI protecting. In this, ongoing advancement in 2D nanomaterials for high‐performance EMI protecting is checked on. The advancement secured shows extraordinary guarantee for the innovative improvement of cutting edge EMI protecting materials for present day versatile and other progressed electronic gadget.