Challenges and Opportunities in Graphene commercialization

In the recent years, graphene has been quickly moving from the lab to the commercial center. In spite of the fact that there is awesome enthusiasm for the commercialization of graphene, there are different forecasts on to what extent it will take for specific applications to achieve the market. In Nature Nanotechnology's "Graphene Applications" center issue (October 2014), Graphenea's Amaia Zurutuza and Applied Graphene Materials' Claudio Marinelli examine the variables that could influence the pace of commercialization of graphene.

The distributing of the principal trial papers on graphene 10 years back set off a rush of research that sprinkled all edges of the world. Given graphene's tremendous properties (bearer portability, warm conductivity, optical straightforwardness, and so forth) in its most perfect frame, a longing to utilize graphene for novel advances immediately took after.